Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the world!

Denise and Josh just welcomed their newest little one, Kelton Bair Stephens, yesterday! We are thrilled for them! I know he's just the cutest thing - even though we haven't seen him yet! He was 6 lb. 11 oz. and 19.5" long. Nice job Denise!

He arrived via C-section (Denise said she was able to see him come out!) at 38.5 weeks to ensure that Denise didn't go into labor and end up with a ruptured uterus. Their fears turned out to be warranted as they discovered that her uterus wasn't in great shape when they got in there. They needed to tie her tubes so as not to risk another pregnancy.

When I listened to the message from Denise on our answering machine I was so excited to hear that Kelton had been born and everyone was fine. I have to admit though, that I was so sad to hear about her additional surgery. It's one thing to decide that you are done having kids but another thing entirely to have someone else decide for you. There isn't that closure that comes from prayer and a long and personal decision-making process. This must be a bittersweet time for them and our prayers and well wishes are with them.

We love their family so much and are very excited to have a new nephew/cousin! Denise is a terriffic mommy and these three are blessed to have her! I hope she has a speedy recovery and lots of sleep!

(P.S. - whoever gets the first pic please forward it on over!)

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