Saturday, September 02, 2006

Silver and Gold...

Or just silver! :) I wanted to invite you to take a look at the new item on the sidebar. It's a link to a site that allows you to buy silver jewlery for $5.99. (They say it's for free, but $5.99 is the shipping and handling). I bought a few pieces last year and they are totally legit, and very pretty! Just make sure you read the description so you know how big stuff is (the pictures are big so you can see detail, but the item may just be 1.3" or something) and also know that the pendants are just that - no chain.

There are gals that keep this site up all day at work (they rotate the pieces that are available every few minutes so it's always different stuff) so they can never miss a deal. I admit, I used to keep a window up occasionally too - they really have such cute stuff!

The site has become somewhat of a craze online. There are actually websites that list what items will be next, or at what time a certain piece of jewlery will come up, etc. Like people actually have time to watch it and record what stuff is up? And then figure out the schedule? Good for them! :)

Anyway, I put up a link so I can get credit in case I see anything I like - I have a feeling it won't be much, (like pennies) but it's cool that the item you see is current you know one of the four things currently up. I have to say out of the things I have ordered I love my toe ring the best - it's awesome!

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