Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ashlyn's Birthday!

Alrighty - I know you've all been waiting for this one! Here are the pics of Ashlyn's little "just our family" party. She went to preschool the morning of her birthday and then came home and had some PB&J with the fam. Then she had a special treat - a movie (her very first motion picture in the theater I might add) with Daddy at the cheap-o theater. They saw "Cars." Cool huh?

Then she got to pick a cake flavor from downstairs. She took a look at all the boxed mixes and decided on Blueberry Muffins. :) They were right next to the cake mixes. Hey - it's her birthday! So muffins it is! She watched a video while mama went to go to the DMV (that's a whole other story - if I have the energy I'll try and post about that a little later). Then we picked up her birthday dinner - pizza. Pizza with pepperoni and black olives. (Apparently it was supposed to be pepperoni and mushrooms, but I guess Daddy misunderstood when he called it in.)

So we had pizza for dinner and muffins (with candles) for dessert. Yummy.

Then we got the best part - the presents!

We are having her party for friends on the 16th so that we can do it on a Saturday around lunch time. (This weekend is the Daddy/Daughter campout - leaving on my 30th birthday I might add! Totally rude! :) ) So Ashlyn got to open all her presents from family on her ACTUAL birthday.

Ok, so I know you are all dying to know all about when she opened YOUR specific present so I will do my best to remember all the appropriate comments! She loved everything so rest assured!

Ok, she chose to open the present from all of us immediate family members first. Cuz our wrapping paper was cooler than yours! :P Just kidding! (Remember you can click on all the pictures in the blog for a full-size version).
Nathan got her a Winnie the Pooh workbook (you know, working on numbers and letters, Pre-K stuff).
Mom and Dad got her bike accessories! Streamers, a basket, beads and covers for her spokes and a license plate (that's down the bottom below the basket).

And here we have Nathan! I had to put this in here because he was not having anything to with Ashlyn being in the spotlight for a day. He was hovering around, trying to play with everything, trying to get in every single picture and saying "Cheese" whenever he saw that I might be about to take a picture. So funny!

Now Blogger is throwing fits - so I'm going to break this into multiple posts so I don't have too many pics in one entry!

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