Friday, January 15, 2010

Some me time...

I like to craft to get back in touch with myself. Seriously. I love the process of creating and beautifying. So as part of my lovlifying the laundry/craft area I bought an old, stained office chair from a local thrift store and recovered it. Wanna see?
All right - a tutorial for you!

1. Buy a chair with good "bones" - test out all chairs to make sure that you get the one that will adjust to be the tallest. :) Then disassemble it and unscrew/pop off the fabric and padding.

Cut out a piece of fabric that will cover the seat of your chair with a few inches of overhang. If you chose a patterned fabric and you'd like it centered make sure you adjust the piece to your liking before you cut.

Staple all around the edge on the underside of your seat. I used the cheap gray stapler you see - light-duty. I didn't even take off the old fabric.

Isn't it lovely?

Repeat for the back rest and put the pieces back on!

Et Voila! I am so happy with it!


Trish said...

WOW!!! That looks awesome!
DD has a purple office chair that doesn't go with her room at all. Now that I know it can be recovered I'll get right on it! Course I'll have to spray paint the non fabric parts. But I'm not afraid of a little spray paint. ;)

jenjen said...

Love your chair. That is awesome - I want one!!!

You have cute blog!


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