Friday, January 15, 2010

Megan's Blessing - November 15, 2009

We blessed Megan on Grandma's birthday and were so lucky to have both of Rick's parents, and my besty from the Westy - Kim and her family (Master Curtis, Ravin, Annastasia, and Mason) in town as well. We had a super snow storm that day and everyone around us had canceled church but not us! On the way home I couldn't even get up our cul-de-sac it was too slippery for our bald little tires! It was such a treat to have loved ones in town for our special day with Megan!
Here she is!
L to R: Nathan, Curtis, Mason, Ravin, Kim, Ashlyn, Mom holding Megan, Rick holding Lauren, and Stasia.
Our family with Grandma and Grandpa
The proud parents and beautiful baby!

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Kimberly Johnson said...

Curtis is only a master, not a Dr, and he better not become one anytime soon, I am still haven't recovered from him going back to school this last time!!!

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