Friday, January 15, 2010


Here you have our Halloween from 2009. Rick opted out this year... Booo! Mommy was a kitty, Ashlyn was a princess (when this costume wears out I'm not sure what she'll do!), Nathan was a knight, Lauren a butterfly and Megan a ladybug. The pics are at our annual dinner and trunk or treat at church.

It was also b-ball for Nathan that day! This just cracks me up - here is the defense. They all stand in a line with their arms up. As the season progresses they move closer to the net - same formation. Adorable!

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Anonymous said...

I just love your post! Your crafts are amazing, I figure that you must have inherited all my talent, which is why I don't have any :-) I love you all mucho, sehr, very much. La Mama.

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