Friday, August 14, 2009

Nature's Bounty

I realized that I hadn't posted any pics of our garden veggies so here is what we harvested this afternoon.
Those are our very first cherry tomatoes and they are delicious!

And here we have our "weird, very pale, are they ever gonna get green/orange and turn round?" pumpkins. AKA spaghetti squash (after an internet search to confirm a hunch). Yeah - we have thrown many seed in the garden spot over the year to see if they would sprout. They actually did!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The latest project...

A Patio!

First Bath

Other assorted pics

Love that baby!


Made some nursing bracelets! The charm tells you when you last fed the little one, and you switch wrists as you switch sides.

Now we have two dipe cases for the diaper bag so we know whose is whose!

So bad...

Well, haven't posted since MARCH!!! I hadn't thought it was that long. So I posted a few pics for you - kept it to one per month that I missed so as not to overwhelm you! Why didn't we update for so long? Well, I was ornery and mad and couldn't think of anything nice to say. I'm done now. Plus - being super pregnant with your fourth is a lot - at least for me it was. So now I'm done with that too. Hopefully we'll be better from now on! Love these videos of the two babies!

Why we keep the door closed...

Bobbin' Love

No, not for a Bernina - just a funny Lauren giving her sib some love!


Lauren kisses by clicking her tongue. She loves her baby sister!

April 17th - Walking! and Walking Part Deux

Meet Megan

Again, old news for you facebook folks...
Here is a link to the album with Megan's pics in it...
Hopefully it works!

And so I don't forget...
Birth Details...
Contractions started at 4AM Sunday (the 12th) morning. Just like painful (but manageable) irregular Braxton Hicks and a constant backache. Toward evening things started to become more "normal" for me - real contractions. We started to call people like crazy to line up babysitters since we were only at 38 weeks and our planned babysitter was still in Albuquerque. (That is a ridiculous word to spell). We left for the hospital and arrived just a few minutes after 2 AM Monday the 13th.I was dilated to a 4 and about 80% effaced. I labored in the tub with the jets for a while and about 4AM I was dyin' and wondering if we shouldn't just do the epi. I mean my labors have been 6, 4 and 9 hours. I should have been done by then! And I had no clue how much longer I was going to have to do this - I was exhausted! We did try to get a saline bag in (prep for epi) but it popped and I figured it was a sign and we should just grin and bear it. We held out and had my bag popped and within the hour Megan was here! I was so eager to push that girl out - I went ahead before we were even ready. The nurse said I was almost a 10 - I just had a lip of cervix. She said if I wanted to I could push with a contraction and she would try and get rid of it. Um, yes please! So we did and then we pushed (had to do a couple full pushes and a couple of half pushes for shoulders and the inevitable cord wrapped around my baby). So... she was born at 6:06AM on the 13th - she'll have Friday the 13th birthdays! Her APGARS were both 8s (knocked down from 10s for her lovely purple color - Denver only has 9s anyway since we're so high). 19", 7lb 14.3oz, 13.5" head circum. A negative blood and so we had to watch her bili levels since I'm O positive. I let Rick pick the middle name - giving him the choice between Emaline, Erika and Brigitte (my middle name). He liked Brigitte best and so there you have it! Megan Brigitte Bair!

The bunnies

If you're on facebook you'll recognize these as the babies stuck in our window well. TINY!!! Two were later found decapitated by a cat in the backyard and buried in shallow graves by the kiddos (unbeknownst to us!). Later moved to a more suitable site by Daddy.

Slip 'n' Slide Summer fun

Fourth of July

Love this last pose - they did it on their own and I had to be quick to snap it!

The yearly Rockies game - June

Locks of Love - in memory of Mara

May 2009 - in catching up I'm being lazy so you'll have to turn your head...

Making applesauce

April 2009

St. Patrick's day

And please notice the water bottle that Ashlyn is holding! The kids were amazed and astounded when the clear lemonade in the pitcher magically became green when poured into her water bottle for lunch. :) (Put a few drops of food coloring in the bottom!)
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