Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Preview

This week brought a great opportunity for me to share a bit of our Spring preschool program when Nathan started telling me about the "big people" song he learned and would like to sing for me.  I shot a quick video on the camera for all of you who don't get to come see the kids perform at their preschool programs (which would be all of you!).  

Isn't he cute?


prplfsh said...

That was awesome! He sings better than I do AND he's got the choreography down as well! :)

Casey said...

Sooo cute :) I love little singing voices and he does so well staying on key!

hsjacobus said...

Wow, he did so good remembering all the hand movements and everything. Absolutely precious too!

mvoege said...

Such talent in our family, artists, singers, scooters, I love them all. I am so glad that I can see and hear them eventhough I am many miles away. :-)

Kathy Murphy said...

Nathan really has a good voice. You might look into getting him lessons when he's around 12. I can't get over how much he looks like his dad.

By the way, Rick just told me. CONGRATULATIONS ON MEGAN! Glad you're all doing well.


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