Wednesday, March 18, 2009

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If you and I are Facebook buddies you already know... but I made a new blog just for me to keep track of my recipes.  You are obviously more than welcome to pop over and take a peek.  Currently it's not a cooking blog with photos and such - just a way for me to categorize and keep track of my favorites!  My dream is to have a laptop in the kitchen and then just open it to the blog, find the recipe I need and not have to find a recipe card, jot anything down or print anything out.  :)  
You should be able to see it in my profile - but it's at

And I'm considering getting into freezer meals.  I was thinking about doing a swap but then again I'm picky so I'm not sure if I shouldn't just go crazy on my own.  We have some nice meat prices this week and I've picked up quite a few books from the library with recipes - we'll see how it goes.  The problems are:
  • many of the recipes are SO bad for you that I'm not sure I would be doing my family a favor by making them
  • my freezer is already full
  • I'm not sure if I can round up enough pans to put these in!  Some just can't be done in a freezer bag.

Anyway - we shall see!

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Dawn said...

Your freezer sounds like mine - but I have a baking problem. I like to make cookies, rolls, and biscuts to the point of baking, then freeze them for that fresh homemade smell - later. I need to purge my freezer to be able to fit more in. Can't wait to see your recipes!

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