Monday, March 23, 2009


Time for shots and checkups!  We took Nathan in for his 4 y.o. appt. and Lauren in for her 1 year.
Here's the breakdown:

Lauren (cuz I know you are as anxious to see how she's doing as I was!)
Weight:  19lb 13.2 oz,   25%  Woo-hoo!  Nice comeback from 3%, huh?
Height: 76.5 cm (not sure we're in metric here? ~30in for those stateside),   100%  Ha!  Take that!
Head:  45 cm, 44%
Temp: 98.6F
BMI: 2.38
Pulse: 132
Oxygen: 93
:)  I know you want it all!

Weight:  40lb,   74%
Height: 44.5in,   98%
Blood Pressure:  102/52
Temp: 98.6F
BMI: 14.20, 8%
Pulse: 108
Oxygen: 100
The doctor also mentioned that though Nathan looks slim, not to worry!  His weight is all muscle.  Well, I can't say that I've ever worried about these kids (barring L) being too slim, but it's nice to know he's nice and healthy.

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prplfsh said...

Yeah for healthy babies!!!

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