Sunday, January 04, 2009

Historical Museum

Ma and Pa rustling up some supper. Ash made "healthy snacks" for the kids on the plates on the counter. Nathan cooked up some fish on the stove.

Blacksmith's shop

Running around on their horses outside the 1880s blacksmith shop. Ashlyn's was named "Jackson" and Nathan's varied between "John" and "Max".

Nathan asked "How do you turn this thing on?" so I told him he needed to hitch up his horse. Ashlyn obliged.

So embarrassing! Just as the farm worker walked past he heard this.
Mom: "What animal is that?"
Nathan/Ashlyn: "I don't know."
Nathan: "A no-lump camel?"
Seriously - my kids do know what a cow is. I think they like making me look like a bad mom in front of strangers. : )
(Worker walks off grinning to himself.)

1 comment:

hsjacobus said...

Okay that's just down right funny. There at the end. What a pair of turkeys they are for doing that to you! Mom's really should get more awards for putting up with such things.

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