Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas FHE at the temple

Each year we go to see the Nativity scene at the temple for a Family Night. We bring the DVD player and watch the Nativity (Luke 2) video muted, and synch it up to Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven" and enjoy the sweet spirit it brings. It's a beautiful song and it matches up to the movie wonderfully - it's uncanny. And check out the frozen temple fountain!


Lori said...

Very cute cake! Last year Abby had a cow cake and a sheep cake for her birthday; the year before I just frosted a while cake with white frosting, added some non pareils and put a tiarra on top-- voila!, a princess cake. This year, she just wants "peace" for her birthday (no party, no gifts)-- she's so hilarious! However, her Auntie Ricki got her a Leapfrog Didj already, so we'll probably spring for a couple of games- crazy how expensive they are! (We were looking at the Leapster, but Ricki got a great deal on the Didj.) I agree that it's better than a Nintendo DS, etc. At least I can feel good that she's LEARNING something while she vegges out!

Lori said...

Oops-- I left my "cake" comment on the wrong post-- sorry! (I got sidetracked trying to figure out what "FHE" is-- I finally figured it out, though-- whew! I had fun making up my own ideas, such as "Frugal Homemaker Event", "French Hair Extensions," "Farmers Hay Escapade." Yeah, I had to stop there. Family Home Evening makes a LOT more sense!)

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