Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What's a blog without pics?

Not much! Our camera is busted - it won't turn on. So I'm going to send it in. As soon as I work up the courage to. It's just a crazy amount to have them look at it with no guarantee of a fix! It is cheaper than a new camera though, so I think that's where we're headed. Until then you'll just get to read with no visuals. I still have some older pics I could post so I may do that too.

Anyway - time for an update?
Rick - in Alabama again, as you probably know. But coming home today! Has done a fabulous job with the front yard and is working through some projects around the house as usual. We now havea peach and pear tree!
Erika - started running again. I'm starting with shorter running/longer walking intervals and alternating upper and lower body weights/resistance after a run. I just need to feel like I am actively working out again. This time I'm going in with no expectations of change in physique (so I won't be disappointed and quit), just expectations for myself. I hope to get on that treadmill 6 days a week through October. So now that I've told you I'm accountable!
Ashlyn - doing better in 1st grade. She's easily distracted by her peers so we've moved her seats around in class to help her out. She loves recess best and told me she was glad she had early release today because she doesn't have math. Ahem. We'll have to work on that. She's not a fan of the teacher she transfers to for math. She finished all her Articles of Faith this summer and is the youngest I know of to have done so. You might remember that she is the reason there are so many younger kids working on them. When she was 3 (in the youngest class - Sunbeams) she started to work on them without any prompting - they just seemed fun to her. The chart where they keep track of the kids didn't even have slots for kids that age! Now LOTS of Sunbeams are working on them and she is an inspiration to us all!
Nathan - loving Miss Patti's. Did a great job at his mini-performance yesterday for Cowboy Day. Pictures are coming soon thanks to Shelly's generousity! He doesn't mind writing and drawing now since it's not me doing the encouraging and he is just so smart! He blows my mind. And he is definitely the KINDEST three year-old I know. I feel like he totally stands out among his peers. He's on his 4th Article of Faith. He loves his sisters fiercely and is so quick to forgive everyone. He's such a happy kid - even if you're in the middle of a reprimand. He makes it easy and I'm so proud to be his mom.
Lauren - still trying to decide if she likes me or not. :) We give her a bit of formula - probably equivalent to one bottle a day - after she nurses since she just won't eat enough from me. Supply is up (thanks to Fenugreek - I smell like pancakes) but she still doesn't care. I will keep it up though and hope that if I have more milk that she will get more of the good stuff in her quick feeds than if I quit. She is not sitting up - doesn't really care to - but is a pro at squirming around on her tummy and back. Her smile just melts my heart and she is so cute when she's laughing! She'll be 7 months old next week!

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