Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LDS Cannery in Aurora

OK - I have never understood how this place works and I'm so excited to finally know! Now maybe I'll take advantage of it! At church when I ask people they never seem to have a clue what to do with it either. So hopefully this will be educational for all of us.

It is at 3233 Fraser St in Aurora. It's between 10th and 8th streets west of Champers road. Their # is 303-371-7650.

You can go buy things without going to help with canning. The gal I spoke with on the phone mentioned Potato Pearls (you must buy a case), pancake mix, and 6-packs of pinto beans, rice or red wheat as items that were available to buy. (White wheat will most likely be available at the beginning of the year).

If you want to go and buy things like wheat, sugar or other "dry pack" (meaning they are canned w/o liquid and are dry materials) then you just need to show up Mon-Th from 9-3:30pm and buy what you want and then you pkg it yourself. The price list for dry items is found on under the Family Home Storage section. Here's a link to the form .

If you want "wet pack" items (like applesauce, meat) then they offer those on a set schedule throughout the year. They email out schedules for the next 2 months so just give them your info to sign up to receive the emails. These sessions are 4-5 hours and by appt. only - they almost always offer one evening session at 6pm for these.

It is a church-run cannery, but you don't have to be LDS (Latter-Day Saint) to go. If you want to organize your own group to come you probably do need to get in touch with your local LDS congregation - you need at least 2 people with you who have been certified to run the canning equipment.
And you can find one near you by checking out

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