Monday, September 22, 2008

A ToonTown story...

You all know Rick is built like Superman - an upside triangle for a torso. He has otherworldly upper body strength. That's part of why I thought this was so funny. So here he is in Toon Town. There are lots of cute photo ops around and I got him to play along with me and take some pictures. I had seen some boys push down on the TNT handle and cause a big boom and fireworks and smoke and I thought that would make for a fun picture.

So I had him pose and push. Imagine our surprise (well, you don't need to imagine Rick's just see the next picture) when Rick made no boom - no fireworks. What he did make is a big wah-wah-wah-wah sound like when you die in a video game.

And so of course he had to try again, and again and again, each time earning buzzers and other assorted "You're a wussy loser" sounds until finally...

We have smoke! And of course a big bang! Brute strength isn't everything! Especially in Toon Town!

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