Sunday, August 17, 2008

Something on the wall!

I bought this vinyl back in November when I made the turkey Gobble blocks for Thanksgiving. It has taken us until now to get it up on the wall. Pretty sad. We haven't put any decorations up in our house for the most part - I'm just not good at it and I haven't found any great ideas to copy... Until this one. I saw it on Ebay and changed the quote a little then had a vinyl gal print it up for me. So up it goes and now we have something on our blank walls! Slowly but surely we'll get this place looking nice. Probably just in time to move, huh! That would be ironic. Anyway - we are here for now and I hope I can get some inspiration for the rest of the house. Oh, in case you can't read it the vinyl says, "Together We make a family". Cute, huh? And that pic of Lauren is just one we printed out on the computer. I still haven't taken any pictures that look all that professional and "wall worthy" of her. But we do have lots of candids! No fear family, your yearly pics are due soon and I'll have to get out and take some shots of the kids for you. I'll probably head back out to the same area as last year (the one where all of the pics except Lauren were shot) since it was so beautiful.


The Hillan Family said...

It looks adorable, Love

Meredith said...

I love it! You are so creative. It looks GREAT!

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