Monday, July 21, 2008

Taking up a collection.

A few months ago our VCR died. Not terribly tragic. We can deal without the Princess Bride. We have other fun DVDs to watch. We have our rabbit ears and 6 stations we get most of the time.

Well, yesterday the DVD player bit it and today the blender. This is a travesty. No movies! That means no Letter Factory! Just when Nathan was really starting to learn his letters! And no smoothies! And it's so hot here! Arg!

That's a lot of electronics to have to replace with not a lot of available cash. Is this Emergency fund worthy? Hmmm.

I realize, btw, that I haven't posted in forever. :) I was waiting until we got back in town. I don't like to post that Rick is gone or that we are gone until after we come back in case someone takes it as an invite to ransack my abode. Rick was in Alabama (sorta offered a position there), then home, then we all went to UT/ID, then we had a day together at home before Rick took off to Minnesota. Now we're all home and getting caught up with laundry. And mourning our plants - to which the water was turned off for the duration of our trip. Perhaps we are not meant to landscape.


hsjacobus said...

That's funny. We've had the same thing with our DVD and VCR players. They've been broke for a while now. I bought a small really cheap DVD player and it seems to be cutting the mustard for the time being. There must be something in the air that all the appliances are calling it quits.

You guys have done so much work on your place. It will kind of be sad to have to uproot now for work, but life does seem to work that way. Whatever happens, Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours huh! I'm thinking about a cheapie DVD player as well.

The Alabama thing isn't very concrete - but they are interesed if we are! We have a lot to finish up on the house before we sell though so we probably aren't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I have a spare blender if you want to wait 1-3 months :-) love M.
Alabama, hmmmm. Options are always nice. Than again, standing still is sometimes the best move you can make. :-)

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