Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Lone Star State

You ain't Texan unless you have a tin star on your house somewhere. They sell these at Lowe's down there.

Cadillac Ranch

Well, we sure enjoyed our trip to see our new nephew. The (big) boys got to be manly and pour cement pads and shoot guns, the kids got to play with cousins and we had such a nice time remembering how lucky we are to be a forever family - we're all a little different but with the same goals and dreams for our kiddos and doing our best to be the best we can be. It was inspiring for me to go spend some time with the fam. I mean that in two ways - it was a nice feeling to be with D&L and it was also motivating and validating. I love to be around people who make you feel Good and want to be even Better and help you know that the things you sacrifice are Worth It.

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hsjacobus said...

So true!

What a fun visit you guys had:)

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