Thursday, July 03, 2008


We have had our first experience with hives! Check another one off of my list of things to do to be a REAL mommy!

  • Stitches: check
  • Headwound bleeding profusely: check
  • Tons of slivers to be removed with tweezers from screaming child: check
  • Fall off trampoline: check
  • Broken bone: check
  • Shiners: check
  • Free weight thrown at nose: check

and the list goes on!
Now we can add Hives.
Thursday: Nathan had a fever of about 101, a tummy ache and had no appetite at dinner. (Rick figured that this might be a cousin gift since Matthew had a fever the night we arrived - who knows!)
Friday: Nathan felt a little better but woke up from nap with WELTS like I had never seen before. He said they itched. I called a nurse I know who told me that a cool bath with oatmeal might help. I was so encouraged to hear that he wasn't dying! The red puffy marks were all over one of his legs so I thought that he had just run into something in the backyard. But in my secret over-reacting mommy heart I was waiting for him to die from an allergic reaction because I had no Benadryl (remedied now) or Epipen and I was going to have to lose my only boy and who knows if I get another one 'cause my family only makes girls, etc.
Well, the oatmeal bath worked wonders and Nathan thought it might just be the best thing he's experienced in short term memory. (He and Ashlyn both have been clamoring for another one).
Saturday: Again, after nap, Nathan wakes up with itchy splotches. But now they're on his cheeks and arms. I am freaking out. Whatever it is - it's back! Even though he's worn long sleeved shirts and pants, has new sheets, hasn't been outside... What is it? My confidence from yesterday's defeat vanishes and I imagine swollen tongues again. Maybe he can't eat Brie! Maybe he's really not mine!
So I take him to the after-hours clinic - even though it's more than double our normal copay. They see him right away (don't know if they weren't busy or if God just loved me extra that day) and I explain in my Erika way all that's happened. I start with the tummy ache and fever and end with the spots that afternoon (even though they seem to be disappearing from his face - I swear they were there! Oh wait! Now they're on his leg?). I thought, because of their proximity in time that the fever and spots might be related. Ha! She (doc) said I was right! Ha! Vindication! And he'll be fine. The hives (that's what they are!) are probably induced by a virus and he'll be fine a couple of days. So I whip Benadryl and the cream that I bought at WalMart the previous day after the oatmeal bath out of my diaper bag so I could get her opinion of what and how much to give. (No directions on the Benedryl for anyone under 6). Yeah - I'm a prepared mommy. She says topical stuff will do no good (since hives migrate) but I can give him Benadryl if I want. Half a dose. Yay! I love kids who aren't really dying! My day went so much more smoothly after that!
Sorry about the pic - I can't get it to post the right way. I've tried 3 times now. You'll get the idea.

Hey mom - Rick told me I couldn't call you at 10:15 last night (silly him). When were we in Bermuda and why? Did we ever buy the house in the excavation photos in Falls Church? And don't worry - I covered all old people nipples in the bath tub pics.


Anonymous said...

Ek: Don't know if you have heard from your Mom, but we went to Bermuda from DC as a vacation. We were living in a big, high rise apartment complex in Falls Church while I was in training for the For. Serv. in between our time in NZ and going to Chile. It would have been probably around Spring of '79, I think, since we went to Chile in September and I don't think we went in the summer.

Not sure what the hole in Falls Church would be. After you were born, that high rise was the only place we lived in in Falls Church--maybe other commercial contstruction?? We were looking at a new construction house farther west a ways in Springfield, but that never happened. We eventually bought a condo in Springfield that was a converted apartment complex. We weren't in it too long and then we headed out to Chile.


hsjacobus said...

No fun! Glad it's all gonna be okay though.

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