Sunday, June 08, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a fun Memorial Day breakfast with some folks from church. The weather was cold but no rain and minimal wind! The weather always seems to be crummy for Memorial Day! We have an police officer who lets the kids borrow the big trikes to ride and Ashlyn loved it! Nathan didn't get the hang of it but together they did wonderfully!

I also had an eye-opening conversation with said officer. He has an obviously hispanic last name and we were talking about when his son was going through some big military ceremony and a higher-up officer was going through and meeting/greeting/congratulating the men and women and their families. When he came to this young man, he saw the name on his uniform and (being of Hispanic origin himself) he asked if the yound man was bilingual. Now, the young man hadn't ever learned Spanish, but he did serve a mission in Germany so he answered, "Yes." The big wig then rattled off something in Spanish. Not understanding a word, the young man rattled right back in German. :) The older officer laughed and said something about him showing him up and that the young man would go far! :) Anyway, that led me to ask where exactly our police officer's family was from. He said Colorado. I said, "No, I mean before that." He said "Colorado." His family has lived in Southern CO since before it was in the United States! So cool. Our policeman's dad never learned English. It gave me a new perspective on the "You live here - learn English" attitude. Maybe I should brush up on my Spanish, huh? They were here first! :)

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COMcewens said...

THATS FUNNY! I never heard that about "Said officer" and son!

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