Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cheap Makeup

E.L.F. is has some coupon codes out that make for a pretty nice deal on makeup if you're interested. Go to and enter $18 worth of stuff (most of it's $1). Then use coupon codes RADIO and ECTAPDY for $6.50 off and free shipping. Total = $10.50

Their lip stuff is supposed to be good, as are the brushes. The blush, bronzer and eye shadow look good and I've also heard the mascara is decent. I would avoid foundations, but that's just me.

They are busy and shipping 12-14 days out so don't plan on a quickie gift!

Also, you can get points through mypoints for this - so if you need a referral for free points just send me an email! (Shhhh - Rick is getting a $50 GC for HomeDepot from my mypoints redemption for Father's Day! I love mypoints!)

1 comment:

Denise said...

Hey Erika, I love their foundation too. If you don't have one that you love right now you should try it atleast! I use it every day. I swear when I'm breaking out it has helped it to go away faster. Maybe it's all in my mind but you should see what you think.

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