Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday - Twin Day

Yup separated at birth these 2! I cropped it funny b/c you can see in the back corner the boy that Ashlyn is going to marry. At least according to them. They are going to meet in college and get married. Ashlyn is naming their girls Angel, Temple and something I can't remember. He is naming their boys Devan, Max and another name I can't remember.

Why did she choose him? Well, because he's quiet - "like Daddy." Really? I hadn't noticed. Maybe she means the strong, silent type. Why is quiet important you may wonder. Well, then "he won't wake up our kids when I put them to bed". Her other husband to be option is the same kind of kid. Clean cut, polite, way cute, a bit short (just wait until their growth spurts, right?), soft spoken, fun loving - man, she did great! Oooo - this reminds me of something! I'm going to post in just a sec about her class picture!

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hsjacobus said...

Cute! I love her line about the dad not waking the kids up. In our house that would be reversed... "Need kids who don't wake the dad up."

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