Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We can die now.

Yup - as of this evening we will be able to die. And USAA's financial assessment tool will now show our Financial Strength Score as 85 instead of 65. Woo-hoo.

Direct quote:

Excellent job! You are well on your way to financial strength.


We have an appt. tonight with a notary and two lovely witnesses to finally get a will in place! After 3 kids I'm sure it's about time. We're also establishing a trust (to avoid probate), funding said trust, getting power of atty papers, health directives and who knows what else. My mind is fuzzy. :) I've been online and on the phone with our financial institutions trying to take care of all this. What a lot of paperwork!

1 comment:

hsjacobus said...

This is awesome. I've noticed in your past blogs your so good at this stuff. I used to be better and we need to update just about everything at this point it's time so I guess I should get better about it real soon. Well anyway good job!

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