Monday, May 19, 2008

Night at the races

For their Daddy date this week the kids went out to the drag strip to see the races! Ashlyn's school offered a free ticket to kids who read (or were read to in our case) for 12 or more hours during the month or so they offered the program. They colored in sheets as they went - one piece of the picture for each 15 minutes of reading. As the culmination of the Race to Read program they got to go to the races! I thought it would be fun to go with a friend so here they asked Alyssa and her dad (also a Rick) to go with them.
I went to Home Depot to pick up another set of ear protection covers and some of the earplugs you see Rick wearing. I think they were a good investment! Those cars are loud! As you can imagine Nathan LOVED them. Ashlyn thought it was pretty fun too. Her major complaint was that they had to sit on the bleachers. Well, actually I suppose it was that they had to walk up the bleachers. If you don't know already, Ashlyn is petrified of plank stairs (anything with gaps) or walking on anything that's not completely solid. When she was younger this even extended to the grates outside the grocery store and the lines on the tiles in WalMart. It's like she's a cow afraid of the painted lines on the road. Funny quirk huh?

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