Monday, May 19, 2008

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan...

That title should be read with exasperation. Nathan has been toyless for over a week now due to his complete lack of willingness to put his stuff away when he's finished playing. Any ideas out there?
We have the rule that you must put away one set of toys before you play with something else or before we get together to have a meal. It's been working until this month. He just throws a fit and won't clean up. He sees it as an OK trade off that his toys go into timeout - it's not convincing him to put things away. He seems to be just fine with it - cuz then it means he doesn't need to clean up!

In other memorable Nathan moments...
During the biggest, messiest day where Nathan was told to clean up his toys before lunch he took almost 4 hours to put his toys away (there wasn't that much - he was just so stubborn!). He came out after about an hour and a half and said, "I'm ready for lunch! And I don't want you to go into my room, Mom."
Me: "Did you clean up your toys?"
N: "No. Just don't go in there."

Later on (after I had sent him back in to clean up again) he came out to the kitchen and started to get into his chair for lunch.
Me: "Are your toys picked up, Nathan?"
N: "Mom! My toys are HIDING!"
Me: "Are they put away?"
N: "No! They are HIDING!"

:) He had put them all under blankets in the middle of the room.

Same week - at the mall - Nathan is running all over the store, while I'm looking at shoes he's taken his off and is writhing all over the floor...
Me: "Nathan what are you doing!? Who do you think you are?"
N: "I'm just a JERK, mom."
(Insert a look from a nearby mommy - like he learned that from me or something.)

He gives us no end of entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Re: Nathan, I must say his excuses are creative. :-) As for helpful comments, "this too shall pass", best I can do. :-) Beautiful pictures of all the "chitlens", they are adorable, and Lauren is growin so fast! love, hugs & kisses to all, Mummy.

Shelly said...

Olivia always responded well to me threatening the garbage for her toys. She called my bluff until I came in with a garbage bag and started putting toys into it. she would start to pick up and then I'd tell her if she finished cleaning everything up her toys would just be on time out for a week or however long until she could remember to clean up. I'll call you.

COMcewens said...

His excuse for not picking up the toys, cause they were hiding under the blanket! THAT is SOOOOO cute! Enjoy, they grow up SO fast!

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