Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I never knew how much I liked to be tallest...

... until I had kids that weren't. Now, this is weird, but I've really been bothered by this over the past few weeks. Not upset like mad, but I can't get it off my mind. You know I ADORE my little ones. But look at Ashlyn here...

It's weird to not have her be the tallest all the time. I was ALWAYS the very middle of the top row. I don't remember a girl taller than me in school. In elementary school I was taller than lots of my teachers.

Judging by the little disappointment I feel I think that I must have some pretty strong feelings about my height. I won't say that I like being tall, but I've definitely embraced it. What else is there to do? I'm not getting any shorter so might as well make the most of it! I think I've taken my height on as something that I could be proud of and even though it sounds weird - I am better at it than others. :) Yeah - I practice being tall a lot. :) But people have always acted like it was a good thing - I wasn't teased about my height. People always say they'd love to be taller.

Anyway, back to my weird height thing. It has always bothered me that girls who are less than 6 feet say they're tall. I actually read a magazine article today where a girl who was 5 foot 8 inches said "I've always been tall" and I laughed out loud. 5'8" is not tall! At least not to me.

And Lauren, cute little thing that she is - is just not growing like my other 2. They went into the next size of baby clothes about 2 months early. So they were in 6 mo. clothes at 4 months. Lauren is 2.5 months and still happily fitting in most of her 0-3 month clothing. The others would have been in 3-6 month stuff for about 2 weeks at this point. This could be because she was early - the doc said it could take her a year to catch up to where she would have been. But what if she's "short" too? I won't have anyone in my family like me. I think that's it. I want someone who's like me, who can relate and relish and be frustrated and proud and know all the things that I have felt. I want people to know that they're mine because we're alike.

Again, I adore my kids, but I didn't realize how much I expected them to be tall. I will admit that Nathan is my saving grace. He'll be well over 6' tall. But it's weird that the one who's tall is my boy and is a carbon copy of his daddy. Not really the same as having one of my girls being tall.

I guess my little girls will always be able to find a date who's taller, never worry about highwaters, never need to wear boy's shoes and never need to be the "boy" in P.E. dance classes. (I still can't follow to save my life.) I'll get used to it.


COMcewens said...

I would imagine your kids will soon enjoy being the tallest.(Look at their Genes! )so, in the meantime I thought I would tell you ALL the great advantages of being short... Humm... after about 10 min.... I got nothing!~

hsjacobus said...

I feel your pain, but I'm glad the girls won't be as tall as me. Well I take that back, Hannah's trying for it. She's in 6th grade and wears a size 10 shoe already. If her body catches up to that she's gonna be tall. I'm not 6 ft, but I've always towered over other women around me. At 5' 10" I may be a couple inches shy, but I can totally follow your list. I can't even stand to wear pants that come to my ankle. I need full dragging on the ground length pants. While most days I too feel wonderful about my "tallness" I still can't stand high waters or even close to. Since both girls are from Harold's first marriage, and his first wife was a little over 5' it doesn't look like I'll have tall daughters either, but most assuredly tall sons.

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