Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday - CrAZy Day!

We have, for your viewing pleasure....a CraZY girl! A tutu with grass skirt, butterfly leggings, water shoes and the obviously funky hair! Love it! I need to post my pics of Homecoming/Spirit week from when I was teaching. You'll see we have a history of really getting into these things!

Nathan did this all on his own! What a fun kid! He was pumped to be CrAzY too!


Munster and Web said...

This looks like fun. The kids saw these and they wanted to try it. I realized I haven't been to any blog spots in a long time. I am sorry for that. Your little one is so cute. Sorry we just couldn't make the blessing. Time flies though. Already over two months. Where have I been? Congrats! oh, and I did fix the name thing. Thanks for letting me know on that.

hsjacobus said...

This is great:) She doesn't look like she had much room to put any hair deals anywhere else on her head. Did she say it hurt at all?

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