Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, this is my blog after all. And even though I can't vent quite like I could in a journal (this is public after all) I definitely like to spread in a bit of my personality so that you all get a taste of life with us.

I made Angel Chicken in the crockpot and I opened it up to stir it so I wouldn't burn the edges (we cooked it on low for longer than it needed to keep it warm for Rick). Well, the lid was nice and warm and had condensation from cooking. Ahem. Just so you know - don't put a warm, wet crockpot lid down on a flat surface where it can cool and create a vaccuum.
Cuz even prying with a knife that puppy's not coming off. At least not until you call your husband to give him a laugh at work and (instead of following your plan where it cools enough that maybe you'll have a chance to pry it off) he tells you to just slide it over to the edge of the counter and *presto* off it comes!

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hsjacobus said...

Oh no:) Okay I'm laughing I can just imagine this whole scene. Too funny. Thanks for the warning.

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