Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Once there was a snowman...

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman.

Once there was a snowman tall, tall, tall.

In the sun he melted, melted, melted.

In the sun he melted small, small, small.

We had temps in the eighties and then we had snow! And then it warmed right up again. What crazy weather.

Temple Time

I can't remember if I've posted this before or not - and it won't mean anything to some of you...

But here's a quick reminder to go to the temple.

Other stuff...

If you came to our house - you saw this guy! We hunted this group of 3 elk over the course of a week to make sure our guests caught a glimpse of our wild Colorado.

And here, bankrolled by Tante Brigitte and courtesy of Rick's construction prowess - we have lights! Now you can see after noon while you're in the front room!

Grandpa Love

Can you guess whose dad is whose? :)


Well, kind of. Here we are at a month old and lots of zits have appeared. Apparently it's all due to my hormones that she's getting through breastmilk. Lucky gal!


We were able to go to the Nature and Science museum courtesy of Rick's employer - IMAX included! We decided to go and even though it was great for kids I think the baby and I should have stayed home. What a royal pain waiting for elevators (we had 2 strollers) and trying to nurse amid the exhibits. We had to leave a bit early - mom and baby were pooped and cranky. We are planning on going back again soon to see all the cool stuff we missed. Here's Nathan in the little kid's Astronaut area. His absolute favorite part of the museum. He would love to be a real astronaut one day!
Ashlyn loved the space part too - especially the Mars exhibit. Here she is upstairs in the hall of life checking out the workings of a sheep's heart.


Well, this is my blog after all. And even though I can't vent quite like I could in a journal (this is public after all) I definitely like to spread in a bit of my personality so that you all get a taste of life with us.

I made Angel Chicken in the crockpot and I opened it up to stir it so I wouldn't burn the edges (we cooked it on low for longer than it needed to keep it warm for Rick). Well, the lid was nice and warm and had condensation from cooking. Ahem. Just so you know - don't put a warm, wet crockpot lid down on a flat surface where it can cool and create a vaccuum.
Cuz even prying with a knife that puppy's not coming off. At least not until you call your husband to give him a laugh at work and (instead of following your plan where it cools enough that maybe you'll have a chance to pry it off) he tells you to just slide it over to the edge of the counter and *presto* off it comes!

Tante Brigitte is here!

How fun to have family all the way from Australia! Within a day we had dinners planned and cooking and a household (boys included) learning to knit! It was so nice to see Brigitte again (the last time was when Ashlyn was a baby during the fires) and have her get to know my kids. We all love her so much and it was a joy to share her with my little ones. Everyone should have a Tante Brigitte! Thanks Tony and family for letting us borrow her. :)

A day shy of 3 weeks

Twoish weeks old - 3/24

Now we have grandma here - cuz this is the week Lauren was due!

Easter Eggs!

Lest you think I have abandoned the other 2 cuties - here is a picture of the Easter egg hunt Anne arranged in a nearby park for the local kiddies. Everyone brought ten eggs and everyone left with ten - nice and fair. I've heard some horror stories of crazy parents and bigger greedy kids scooping up all the loot! Not so in our neighborhood! Rick told me that Nathan was lucky enough to get quite a few of the Martineau's "good" eggs that Rick could share - lots of hersheys candy bar miniatures. I guess I'm a bit of a cheapskate. :) Next time I'll get the good stuff!
It was absolutely freezing but the kids had fun. I'm so glad that parents come in twos and I didn't have to brave the weather with Lauren!

Bath time - March 22nd

Not a fan...

Two week check up

Well, all is well with little Lauren. She was up to 7lb 3oz at this visit and if you adjust for her due date (not when she actually came) she is right up there with the rest of the kiddos - 95th height, 50th weight. Of course she's only 15th percentile for weight otherwise - so we're going with the adjusted!
And our beloved pediatrician is leaving us! He's retiring this summer and headed down to Brazil where he and his wife are going to work and provide health care (she's a nurse and they both speak Portuguese - or Brazilian as I was about to write! :) ) We are so bummed - he is a fabulous doctor! He always spends time with me and answers my questions intelligently - never talking down or assuming I won't understand "big" words. Why oh why don't they make OBs like him?
We do wish him well, even though we'll miss him - those Brazilians are in for a treat!

Fun with Grandma

We went to White Fence Farm to fill up on corn fritters - yum! Lauren was 2 wks old and didn't make a peep! I think we were too tired to appreciate it though. We had such a fun time!

Grandmas sure are fun! Especially when they let you brush their long hair - ad nauseum.

Eleven days old

Six days old

Smiley week!

The week of the 14th was Lauren's week to work on smiling! I still haven't got a great shot on camera - but here you can almost see what it looks like!

Blessing Day!

Here she is in her WAY too expensive but ab fab dress! Rick said he was very nervous but he did a great job and Lauren didn't even cry!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fast Forward

I took this video today and thought I'd post it for all of you! I know it's been a while since the last post, and I'll try to fill in the gaps later. But here is our big tada from today.

(I tried uploading this through blogger and after 14 HOURS I gave up!)

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