Sunday, March 09, 2008

Today in pictures

And in words...
They don't like her jaundice numbers so she gets to sit naked under lights with velcro attached to her head. I hate this. Lots of tears today. I can't stand it when my little ones are not ok.
Apparently you get jaundice when red blood cells break down and your liver can't handle it. This can happen during a traumatic labor or with a preemie (anything less than 38 weeks) or when the mom and baby have different blood types. When 2 of these occur medical mucky mucks put the baby in the highest risk category and will accept only the lowest levels of billirubin. (sp?)
I am O and the baby is A so my O blood mixed with hers during birth, giving her some of my A and B attacking antibodies. This can lead to higher levels of red blood cells dying, which in turn ups those bili numbers. So even though her levels are great even for a full term baby, or for a preemie even, they are sticking her under lights cuz they suck, cuz they consider her high risk. Thhpppppttt. :P


the donovan family said...

She is so cute! (looks just like nathan in my opinion) Both Abby and Ella had to be under the lights too...sooo not fun. Hopefully she'll get out soon! Oh, and we're calling her Baby Bair until you guys can be a little decisive!

hsjacobus said...

This makes me want to cry, for you and for her. I'm so sorry! At least you know she's alive and doing okay. We'll keep you in our prayers and put your names in the temple too.

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