Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Dance!

Our church always puts on a Stake (lots of congregations in the same geographical area) family dance in February. This was the Saturday before Valentine's this year and the day that we got back from out night alone. It was a blast for the kiddos - even though this was day one of what was to be Nathan's first cold this year.

Here is Rick dancing with the kids (in the shirt that he HATES but he knows I LOVE!). He must have the best darn shoulders out there! He looks so yummy in anything that accentuates that (or hugs the chest - another personal favorite of mine). He's built like a super hero! Triangle Man... Triangle Man...

Here we have Ashlyn decorating the black paper they had the walls. Such a fun idea!

And here's Nathan doing the same...

And finally, here's Olivia's mommy. She's showing Ashlyn what it would like if her mommy was cool and could dance with any semblance of rhythm.

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hsjacobus said...

Fun. I have to send the black paper idea to our ward activity person. I think I'd be over playing on the paper with the kids.

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