Wednesday, February 20, 2008

V-day Class Party

On the actual DAY of Valentine's Day Ashlyn had her last day of school for the week and her last class party of the year. She had a lot of fun writing out her Valentine's for all of her friends to put into their decorated bags. To save time, none of the cards were to specific people so the kids could take their pile o' cards and drop one into each bag assembly line (sort of) style.

Ashlyn wrote TO: My friend FROM: Ashlyn on each of hers. But this little "no personal" Valentines didn't stop her admirers! She's had a couple of little boys bring her presents from time to time at school and one of them bought her a little mini Russell Stover heart-shaped box with chocolates inside for Valentine's day. He kept it in his backpack and gave it to her when they were getting ready to leave. I was there with Nathan for the party and he looked back at me and said "I gave that to her!"

He was very excited. I whispered "Thank you!" and he mouthed back "You're welcome" with the cutest smile. He is adorable!


hsjacobus said...

Your background is so festive. I'm trying to get caught up on reading blogs. This was a very cute story. Love the part at the end about the chocolates. Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

nice profile Rick, lovely family keep it up.

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