Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Playdough Fun

Nathan and I had some fun this morning - just the two of us while Ashlyn was at school - with our favorite homemade Playdough. (It's the recipe I got from April that I posted before on the blog)

We started out using the playdough tools from our bucket but you know? It's just more fun to freehand. We had more fun with our hands and toothpicks. :)

These are mommy's creations.

This is Nathan decapitating my snake and then disemboweling him.

And here we have Nathan chopping up the Lake that he made for my baby snakes to play in. And in the Woody water bottle - we have HOT CHOCOLATE! That was Nathan's request - and who am I to refuse hot chocolate?


Dream Big said...

Hey's Jamie. Looks like tons of fun with that playdough. Faith loves to destroy what I make as well.

When you get a chance check out my site at

I came across a bunch of blogs for people you might remember from good ol Pullman University Ward.

hsjacobus said...

Boys are so funny. They can't just put it together they also have to take it apart. Someday I'll get someone to explain this to me.

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