Monday, February 18, 2008

My Good Luck Charm

When I saw this as we were wandering around Garden of the Gods - I knew it was a sign! This looks just like a hand with it's fingers crossed!

God put it there just the day before - special for me - so that I would see it while we were out walking.

He was telling me that everything will go OK with this birth, I would labor mostly at home (with labor starting in mid afternoon after a nice night's sleep and nap), be admitted so fast, all the doctors and nurses would listen to and respect my wishes about a gentle birth, and with no triple-peaking contractions I would give birth to a beautiful baby girl who will promptly tell me what she would like her name to be.

I'm so excited for March!

1 comment:

hsjacobus said...

Cute entry:) How have your other births gone? Has this one been extremely different because of the placenta?

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