Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Christmas Break

Before the new year we each wanted to get cracking on projects. Rick busted his tail on the bathroom and I spent a day making all the birthday cards (and a few Thank You cards) that I'll need this year. Curse Glen and RC for having 9 children! (Just kidding - we love all of them! But it's kind of like a math lesson in exponential functions to make cards for the whole clan!)
Lots and lots of work. With the combo of tile saw, the smell of sealant and the nonstop hum of the fan Rick worked his way into a migraine followed by a week-long headache followed by another migraine. I had him go to the doctor and now we are the proud owners of prescription migraine medicine! His wifey was a little concerned that he might be incapacitated at a critical time (say the end of March) and be unable to drive - now she feels much better! And even better - we hope that this will make it so that Rick doesn't have to suffer any more!
Here we have a picture of the whole lot.
If you look closely you'll see yours! See how much I love you?

1 comment:

hsjacobus said...

Way to go on the cards! I'm impressed. I have my calendar done. Does that count? Only if I remember to check it right? :)

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