Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Here is a cute picture of the family (I never seem to make it into these pictures do I?) on Christmas Eve. We decided to have our gifts (except Santa's) opened on Christmas Eve to let Nathan have a bit more of a special day for his birthday.

I did take a quick picture just to let you know that I was there, though. :)

And here's Christmas in a nutshell...

Each of them were SUPER excited about their gifts (here's a representative face) - especially the one YOU gave them (that goes for all of you!)

And this is so funny to me...technically it's Nathan's birthday for this picture, but since it's the same day I'm including it here. Last year for Ashlyn's birthday both of her grandmas gave her the same card - a Disney princess card that sings a song when you open it. We still have it - it still sings. This year Rick's mom went the same route and gave Nathan a singing Toy Story card - "You've got a friend in me..." This was heard ALL day on Christmas and, again, it is still well loved and listened to. They both just sat and listened to the card on and off all day.

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