Friday, February 22, 2008

The joys of Martha White

I used to make these when I was younger (like teenage-ish) and I just loved the fake berry flavor of these cheap little muffins! So I thought I would pass on the joy to the next generation. :) Since Nathan and I baked yesterday (poppy seed bread for the lovely man at Rick's job who lent us his tile saw) I thought I would wait until nap time and bake with Ashlyn today. Not that Martha White REALLY counts as baking. But Ashlyn did get to put on her cute monogrammed apron!

You can see the loaf of poppy seed bread that we kept for ourselves on the stovetop. Yummy! We made 3 smaller loaves for our benefactor and gave Rick an extra for himself (and of course he shared with the guys who sit by him!).

Baking with Nathan yesterday was so cute! He loved using the Kitchenaid! I let him lock and unlock the tilting mixer, turn it on/off and adjust the speeds and dump in each cup and teaspoon. He loved working the dials and switches on the mixer! How like a little engineer!

I tried to give Ashlyn things to do too... She cut the corner off the package and dumped in the 1/2 cup milk. :) Like I said, not much baking to Martha White. :) She also stirred it all up until it wasn't lumpy - but I think she liked licking the bowl best!

Last week in my first venture outside since our weeks o' sickness (I've been sick with Ashlyn since Valentine's Day and Nathan got it during our getwaway weekend the previous week) I tried to get some Valentine's Day clearance. Unbelievably, less than one week after the big day, I had missed out! I did end up finding some packs of cards at JoAnn's (the fabric store - I looked everywhere!). And I bought a heartsy vinyl tablecloth for our V-day dinner next year at Walmart. But along with those I found this cute little muffin pan for the kids! It was $2.88 and even though it was in Walmart's clearance aisle I think that's its normal price since it's not nonstick or anything. (The 6-cup tin in the baking aisle was $2.88 too). This is something I've been wanted to get for the kids for a bit. I thought it would be fun to have them eat little cute muffins that they could help me make. Plus, then I can make those cookie dough things!

My next item on "Stuff I Don't Need But Really Want" for the kitchen are jumbo muffin tins! Mmmmm. I am excited about them! But I have yet to see them (not surprising since I only remember to look when I am in the grocery store baking aisle).

Oh, and speaking of things I'm on the lookout for - Nathan loves to wear a tie to church like his daddy does. Where can I find a tie that fits a size 4/5? I should clarify - Where can I find a tie that fits a size 4/5 and not spend more than $4? (I can only find them at WM in a package with a shirt for just under $10) And where are boy's jeans on sale right now - again I mean for under $5? Nathan is breaking land and speed records in growth!

Cute thing to add...

When we were making the muffins Ashlyn was talking about how good I am at recipes and how we should be on a cooking show together. Then she says - "This recipe is so good. You should give it to Grandma B****!" So Grandma, consider yourself given to! Go and buy a package of Martha White - stir in 1/2 cup milk and bake at 425F for 14-17 minutes. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello :-) I do love reading your blogs, you do such great things with the children and with and for Rick. Looking forward to my next visit and another grandchild to love :-)
love, hugs & kisses M.

hsjacobus said...

This is great. I love cooking with my kids too, but I'm not nearly as good about it as you are.

How big is your town? Do you live near a linen's n things or a bed bath n beyond? They would probably have the giant muffin tin.

Our town seems to have a lot of second hand shops that are specifically designated for children's cloths. When my boys were still your son's size we were able to get a lot of great deals and find nice things too. Now that their older the only place that really sells pants cheap, since we seem to have to buy all new now, is indeed Walmart. I looked at Fred Meyer yesterday and they had boys pants for $36. I about choked. Walmart still runs them between $8 and $13. As far as ties. I've never found them for the boys unless they were part of a suit or like you said shirt package. Maybe try bow ties from the men's section. Then they won't look so big. We had some that were given to us once and they were so cute. Good luck in your quest!

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