Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Getting some decorating done!

I have wanted some pictures on the kids' room wall ever since they've been in together and we had to take down Ashlyn's cute girly decorations. I bought these frames a LONG time ago and have just been meaning to take the time to paint them and get some pictures in them. Well I finally finished today!

I wanted one of the kids being "lovey" so that they can be inspired and reminded how lucky they are to have each other! Then I picked one of our family pictures from the fall photo shoot with Meredith. So now they can remember that they have a fabulous family that loves them!
I was so good when we sent out the copies for the family and I picked out the picture that made the kids look good. Now I am being selfish and picking the one that makes Mama look good! :) Not that the kiddos could ever look bad of course!

Just last year I bought a few things after Valentine's Day to decorate a little bit. It's not that the holiday is a very major one, but I love to have reminders all around the house to celebrate the love we have as a family. I realize just how lucky we are that we all like each other and I am grateful to have an official day when we can be prompted to remember all the reasons why we chose to be a family! I love the opportunity to have a reason (not that we should need one) to share with my family via Family Home Evenings and notes and the environment of our home how much I love and am grateful for them. Anyway - this year I decided to make a crafty thing to complete my decorations. (Or at least I'm not going to buy anything else in the near future - I doubt I'll ever be done "decorating"!) I copied it from Heather's blog - I'm a really great copier! (Not so much with the original ideas!) I love it! I have another board that I'll hang from that wreath holder during the rest of the year that I LOVE! But you'll have to wait until our Love Fest is over at the end of the month to see that one!


Meredith said...

Love, love the pictures and the crafts!!! You are good, come decorate my house :)

Hope you are feeling okay
talk to you later

hsjacobus said...

This is such a great blog. I love the tone you set on here and I'm sure in your home. Great pictures of you guys and the kids! I like copying too, why reinvent the wheel?! :)

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