Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Downstairs bathroom

Well, I've had numerous requests for updated pictures of the downstairs bathroom. Given, they were all from the same person, but as that person is the chief architect and laborer in this project his desires get priority!

So here is the (almost) finished project! It looks beautiful! Rick (with a ton of drywall/cement board help from his Papa) did a fabulous job. There are lots of soffits (I think - I'm talking about the boxes in the ceiling) to cover up the plumbing necessary for the upstairs bathroom which is directly above this. My very favorite part of this part of the room is the light over the tub!

What a difference that will make for baths (the ones I have to administer)! You'd be surprised how dim it seems with the light off compared to the illumination we now have.
Here we have the adjacent wall that you see when you walk in.

It looks so plain! The paint we picked out for the walls looks white and it was supposed to be a light beige, but oh well.

There will be something lovely going in above the toilet. I was thinking a square iron scrollwork piece when Hobby Lobby puts them at 50% off. Maybe with tealights, maybe not.

We also have a few prints that we are still debating about. They are all based on the red color that you see in the shower curtain.
Here's the whole group that we are trying to decide between. We have the two frames in a nice rich brown. And then we'll either do the tree/landscapes pics in them or the flowers. I have to admit that I'm incredibly partial to the flowers. Both because they are a bigger print so I think it looks better in the small room and because I just like flowers.
But I think that since this is kind of a guest bathroom, or at least not our main bathroom, that I should go with the trees since they're more neutral. I think most of you are going to the say the trees too. They just seem to look better in the pictures.
Here are the two flower pictures. I also like them because they bring more of my favorite olive tone into the room.
Do you think you should be looking at a beautiful picture when you walk in and when you are sitting on the toilet? We have two pictures so one could go in each spot. The other option is to have them on the wall to the right when you walk in. Then you could look at them as you were stepping out of the shower. If we don't do pictures there what will we do? It has to be flat (not like a shelf or cabinet) because the door opens into that wall to give us more space.

I like the warmth of red and brown. I was thinking about going with the blue/brown color scheme that is popular, but I think I'd rather have something that isn't a fad and that I will love each time I see it. I tend to love olives, burgandies/reds/purples and browns so that's pretty much what you'll see in the whole house. But I never tire of looking at them!


Dream Big said...

Looks great! Good job you guys. House projects are always interesting, but fun when they are done. We are gearing up to upgrade our kitchen since we now we will be in Colfax for awhile.

Oh & I think you should always have something nice to look at in the bathroom!! Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks fabulous, can't wait to use it and look at the lovely pics. I personally like the flowers :-) Hugs and love and kisses. Mummy

hsjacobus said...

The bathroom looks great. Way to go! I love the light over the tub idea. As far as the metal wall decor. I vote for either the first or the third one. The first one would be fun if it could be hung like a diamond. As far as the pictures from reading your blog it really sounds like the flowers would be the best ones. You would love it more and after all you live there and have to look at it. Guests are only visiting. Both sets of pictures are great, but it really sounds like you'd be happier witht he flowers. Your working so hard and it's turning out great.

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