Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Daddies are the most fun!

Ashlyn did have a coat on during this process - I promise! I wanted a picture with them standing by their creations so I had them run back out and pose and she had already ditched her gear.
We had a cute "Snowman in a Box" kit that came with the pipe, hat, carrot, scarf, etc. so Rick and the kids went out (this was the week before Christmas) and decided to try it out. Heaven knows we have enough snow! (It's now February and we have had snow on the ground continuously since before Christmas!)
If you have sharp eyes you can see that they even included the baby!

1 comment:

hsjacobus said...

How fun. I wanted to do this with all our snow this year, but we've been running so much we just haven't done it. I'm glad someone did it:)

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