Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ward Christmas Party

The day after our crazy pot pie, sewing, cleaning, work party we were at it again with the ward Christmas Party. (This was a bad week - literally something every single night!)

We started in the chapel with a presentation and songs then moved to the cultural hall for a ham dinner. They served us in courses so the dinner pic I have is when we were just munching on rolls. :)

Then we had caroling and (though it wasn't on the agenda) dancing.

And then we heard some loud "HO HO HO"s and who should appear but Santa Claus! BTW - Ashlyn asked for a Jack-in-the-box. HUH? That was not something Santa would have thought of for a Kindergartener! They both gave Santa a big hug before getting their treat (pencil and super cool gum balls in a cylinder with attached toy!)

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