Thursday, December 13, 2007

Foul Soup

We decided that we would use up some turkey by making Foul Soup (which would be RC's Chicken Dumpling soup to the rest of the world). I always make this after Thanksgiving to use up turkey (hence our multi-meat title) and, of course, at other times during the year. Sick people love to get a new twist on the basic Chicken Soup and always ask for the recipe.

Well, today Rick helped me out while I was finishing up a project and made the soup for me. I pulled out some of our yummy Make-Ahead Crescent rolls that I had frozen from Thanksgiving and let them rise all day in the kitchen. I just asked Rick to pop them in the oven when he put the dumplings in and I thought we had a great game plan going for a fabulous dinner!

The soup recipe is pretty imprecise as far as amounts go - I always add more stock than the recipe calls for and just cut up the veggies until it looks good to me. I told Rick that. Well - this was HILARIOUS! First, Rick is not a fan of veggies so there weren't that many in there. But that was only the first surprise I had and definintely not the biggest one.

Here is the soup in all its glory. What are you looking at you may ask? Well, you are looking at about 3 inches of "dumpling" and about 3 inches of soup underneath (I dug some out for the picture). I literally laughed outloud when I took the lid off of the pot! I asked Rick what he did to the dumplings because I had never seen them form up in one solid mass before. Now I'm not the perfect cook - I've seen them dissolve into the soup b/c I messed up while dropping them or didn't have the soup at enough of a boil. I just had never seen such a huge layer of "dumpling".

Oh my! Rick was going off the C.W. Welch addage which goes something like "If a little does a good job, more does it better!" He figured since we added more stock that he would DOUBLE the dumpling recipe! :) Hee-hee. The dumplings are a pretty generous amount as is but I guess I haven't made this recently enough for him to remember. Wow! It was like eating dumplings with some turkey and an occasional vegetable pressed into them. Not bad - but not what either of us expected!

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