Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Print out your Super Target coupons!

This week you can get (among other things I am sure) awesome deals on groceries at Target! There is a $1 coupon on their site for fresh veggies which made broccoli $.99 for a big bunch (plenty for our family for dinner). Cauliflower would be $1.49 for a big bunch. Then there was the $.75 off Daisy sour cream (used for enchiladas). The small container was dead cheap with this coupon (no size restriction). There also a Stovetop stuffing Q that makes it $.29 - there have been Buy3Get1 tearpads spotted at grocery stores that make this even better! We topped our enchiladas with tomatoes from the $1 off tomatoes on the vine coupon as well. There's no minimum so I bought 2 tomatoes for $.84 (those puppies were $2.49/lb!!!).

I even used their printers to print off my Qs to save paper. Just use the registry machines/computers. Select target.com - shop online from the options, navigate to the coupons and print them right there in the store!


Anonymous said...

Just had a chance to read the blog to way back. Loved the note to yourself :-) Your really write so well, ever thought of "doing" something? I best you could wirte great entertaining books, on life, children, homemaking whatever. I am serious, you have wonderful communication strengths especially in writing. Love you all M :-)

Munster and Web said...

Hey, I love your post's. I have to say you got me started on it. I hope you don't mind me putting you as a friend on my blogspot.

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