Friday, November 09, 2007

Hawaii Man and Glitter Girl

We were doing a craft project that came with the following coloring page:

I thought this was just too cute! Ashlyn's Kindergarten teacher emphasizes "lots of details" on their homework and assignments at school. She encourages lots of coloring and embellishments. So Ashlyn colored every inch of this paper we did! There was something I thought was so funny that I had to share. She started coloring in the boy and telling me about how he has dark skin. She said it's just like a "Hawaii Man". :) Because even though he's not from Hawaii he has skin like a Hawaii Person. :) The girl has pink skin because her mom put pink glitter on her before they went to the beach. Wow - what a nice mom, huh?

This is the back of that page.

The basic picture is of 2 people riding a unicorn. Then we started to add "details". In Ashlyn's conference her teacher mentioned that Ashlyn seemed cautious to spell and label her drawings. She encouraged us to work on helping Ashlyn feel comfortable with it so she would do it at school. (So she's a bit of a perfectionist who doesn't like trying new things for fear of looking silly to others.... Hmmm, where did she get that?)
Well, now she is writing all over everthing! I love it! Her teacher said that at this point it would be VERY phonetic and contain a mix of lowercase and caps and that was fine. So I thought I would share. You see the pic above - here are the letters (and then a translation). But first a quick preview so you can see how she thinks...
On the sailboat/ocean craft we made that goes with the picture she wrote this on one of the sails:
That is: Thank You Lindsey (cuz you remember Josh and Lindsey are her fave names when she plays). My favorite is the "Q" as in than-Q = thank you. Oh man she's awesome.

So here is what's on her paper:

FRoM Ashlyn Bair wutisit?
Hape Muthrss Dua!
Didygod WeceD?
Hatn A Yss :) gudjuob!


From Ashlyn Bair What is it?
Happy Mothers' Day!
Did you have a good weekend? ("did you" is on the first line, "have a" is the 2nd, "good weekend" is on the 3rd and then back on the 1st line. Kinda like columns?)
Yes. Good Job!
Good Job.
Love Ashlyn
You are beautiful.

Wow! You may also notice that everyone (cat and unicorn included) are wearing crowns. :) It's the sign of an authentic Ashlyn original piece of art. Beware of forgeries!

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Anonymous said...

Shall keep my eyes open for forgeries, don't want it if it isn't an original "Ashlyn". It will be interesting to see Nathan's "Trademark" :-) I am going for a "light sabre / sword"

love M :-)

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