Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here's what we had for dinner! We were inspired by those pizzas that Papa Murphy puts out for Halloween. Ours, however, is obviously MUCH cooler! We've even got stuffed crust! (Just put mozarella sticks on the edge and roll the crust over). MMMMMmmmmm. This was night #2 of the red meat death sentence (night #1 being the chili at the Trunk or Treat you read about previously). I didn't figure out until the 3rd time that week we ate red meat that that was what was making me so sick - so the day after Halloween was not good for me. Rick took the kids out to Trick or Treat at a few of our neighbors homes (he took the van since it was FREEZING). They got lots of candy and even a can of soda pop! :) Here is a pic of our Jack-o-Lanterns. Rick didn't do one, so the only addition is mine - in the middle.

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