Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Young Indiana Jones

So fun - now there are 2 out! The final installment should be in the Spring of 2008. :) I saw George Lucas on one of the morning news shows and was pleasantly surprised to remember that I had seen these shows! They used to be on TV and now they've released them to DVD. They show Indy from when he was 10 until he's 22 meeting different famous people and involved in cool historic events. Included in the extras are 1/2 hour documentaries of each of the "real" people he meets in the shows. Like Sir Lawrence Olivier and T.E. Lawrence.
The first set is $70 at Amazon and the second is $91. I'm sure I have an extra $160 floating around here somewhere :) It will take me a long time to save up that many $10 GC from my surveys so maybe we can hope the price will drop after they (I'm sure they will) release the big box set next year. :) Cuz (all who know of family situation) I'm sure we'll be overflowing with extra cash come Spring 2008!

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