Monday, October 29, 2007

Tonight's FHE

So tonight we Halloween Family Night. While dinner was baking Rick helped the kids carve their pumpkins. Then we ate and after dinner we told the story from the friend about Pumpkins and Candles. (We lit the Jack-o-lanterns on the hearth while we read). We had flannel board pics to help us tell the story and afterward we turned down the lights and looked at the kids' Jack-o-lanterns. We talked about the light of Christ that's inside each of us and how it burns brightly for all to see when we're living like we should. We discussed the boy in the story and how he was able to repent after "dimming" his light and what kind of choices he made (and could have made). It was great!
Next we went to the kitchen and brought out our laminated pumpkins to decorate. I made these last year by printing pumpkins and various pumpkin parts onto cardstock and then laminating them. We use the sticky tack (you know - like gum kinda but removable?) stuff to arrange eyes, a stem, nose and mouth. My family is so creative! Mine's your standard pumpkin face, but Ashlyn must have used each item on her pumpkin and Rick was so tricky! He used the pointy eyes as ears! Such imagination!

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