Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My birthday!

So for my birthday we were supposed to be in CA - but that trip was cancelled. I'm still not totally sure that we made the right decision - but oh well, what's done is done. We're are going to try again next year and hope that someone drops a few thousand on our doorstep in the meantime to ease our conscience about spending such a ridiculous amount of $ on a vacation.

So instea of CA we went down south a bit to Colorado Springs. I had looked online previously and found out about some of the attractions and printed off coupons for the ones that looked fun. The first place we went to was a museum/cliff dwelling place. Now I should have guessed, since the Anasazi ruins I'd heard of were all in the four corners area, but I really didn't have a clue that we were going to an artificial ruin. They built it to look like Anasazi dwellings so you could walk around and stuff and see what they're like.
I wouldn't have gone if I'd have known they were totally fake. We are planning (eventually) on seeing the real deal and I think I'd much prefer it. These were very small and there wasn't a ton to do. If you take your time in the museum you might spend 2 hours at the site.
Anyway, the kids had fun climbing around and they were interesting, but definitely not worth the $ we paid. And just to prove to you that I did actually go on our summer adventures - here's a picture with me in it! Ashlyn was too scared to go up the ladder so it's just Nathan and me.

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