Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First day of school!

Well, to round out the month of August we had our first day of Kindergarten for Ashlyn! Very fun day! They lined up under silver balloons with their grade number (or a big "K" in our case) and then walked up the red carpet into the school while they played a cheesy back to school song. :) Ashlyn had a great time! Since we've been in school now for 2 months I can tell you that Ashlyn really has a fun time. At first she wanted to stay home because K was a bit too "busy". But she's doing wonderfully now and says everyone is her friend!
She's doing well academically and learning so much! K is so academic now (a result of our continual worldwide drop in standing) it's been shocking for me to see and I just hope they aren't burning these sweethearts out early with all they're cramming in.
She'll be testing next month for the Honors program to see if it's a good fit for her next year (they run it from 1st grade through middle school here). It's no biggie either way, but it would be a great thing for her if she qualifies and is accepted. In all of the meetings we attended to get more info, the program's goal is to offer enrichment opportunities and the chance to fit in a peer group of people just like you.
All the smart kids know how, even though you still make a ton of friends in elementary and middle/junior high school it sucks to be the one who has to do all the group projects in order to prevent your group from pulling you down. Or to have to fake disinterest or understanding to fit in with others. They do some really fun things in the program!

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