Wednesday, October 24, 2007

End of zoo day

With each paid admission to the zoo you are allowed access to drive up to the Will Rogers memorial shrine. It is WAY up at the top of the mountain upon which the zoo sits (it bugs me so much not to talk like a normal person - but once told a rule of grammar I rarely forget it and I can't break it without it completely bugging me!)

OK, this gets a sidebar. Here are my biggies - the ones that I can't NOT fix (no bugging me on the use of a double negative in my grammar discussion).

First - "I feel nauseous." Ok, this one is used so often that the dictionary gave up and allowed it It's used incorrectly so frequently they changed the word's meaning to accomodate it. Naseous is causing nausea in others. It's funny to let it slide if you don't like the person who's saying it, but most of the time I'll correct you. (Cuz I like you, right?) You should say "I feel nauseated." That means you feel sick, not that you cause sickness in others.

Second - Ending a sentence with a preposition. As in: of, at, in, for, around. I still remember a lesson in 5th grade where we learned about prepositions by filling in the blank in "____ the box". Anything in the blank was a preposition. Of the box, on the box, for the box, etc. Anyway... so you are not supposed to say (like I wanted to above) "it's way at the top of the mountain the zoo's on". You need to move that prep. to the beginning of the phrase. Nobody seems to do this so it's often very hard for me to think of the correct way to phrase something without breaking the rule. Ah, the struggles of a perfectionist.

There are more, but maybe I'll save it for another time when nothing's going on in our lives about which to blog :)

So here you have the tower up close. And below is the explanatory plaque.

After our trip to the zoo and shrine we ended our day at the hotel with a nap and a dip in the pool before dinner. To celebrate my birthday we ordered room service. I have always wanted to do that! After going back and forth (as is my wont) I settled on crab-stuffed trout with a chipotle cream sauce. BTW - again, I need to remember that my opinion of hot is not like anyone else's. I should not have asked, "is the chipotle sauce very spicy" I should have asked, "would you feed this to an infant without fear?" My oh my, "not spicy" my foot. Oh well, it was still yummy.

We had a great trip and I'm so glad that (even if I wasn't on the Pacific coast at Sea World and Disneyland) we did head out of town for a little time away from home. So important!

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